Friday, May 30, 2008

Boomers Can Turn Back the Clock on Aging

Let’s face it. Aging is not all fun and games. However, there are things Boomers can do to turn back the clock a bit so they can can live a happier and more fulfilling life. Let ‘Aging With Creativity’ show you how to get the most out of life after 50, with information, tips, tricks, articles and more.

In 1882, German biologist Dr. August Weismann believed people aged because their bodies and the cells in their bodies were abused and overused. He felt toxins in our diet and in our environment played a significant role. Can you imagine what he’d think today, with so many more additives in our food, chemicals used in processing, chemicals in our homes and high rates of pollution in our air both inside and outside of our homes? He’d probably wonder how we didn’t manage to kill ourselves off quite young.

Dr. Weismann also considered the impact of excessive consumption of fats, sugars, caffeine, alcohol and nicotine on the body. We know that in our present day of consumer over-consumption that people are getting far more of these negative substances. Unfortunately, overdoing it in any of those areas can harm your internal organs, particularly your stomach, liver, kidney and lungs. Aging With Creativity offers advice on how to eat healthy and have a healthy lifestyle as well as information on herbs, minerals, vitamins and supplements.

As you age, you might run into health problems that seem to demand prescription medicine. Do you know what those pills do to your body? Aging With – Health – Creativity offers information on this. Today there are so many natural health products that can be taken as an alternative. However, it’s difficult to know which one might be best for you, let alone how each of them might help you. Aging With Creativity can help you with that too!

Finally, your own attitude toward aging plays a significant role in how fast you age. You need to maintain a healthy and positive outlook on life. While your body will continue to age to some degree at a cellular level, it also knows how to rejuvenate itself. Did you know that six billion new cells are created in the body every day? Our skin is renewed every month and the lining of our stomach about every five days. Wow! That just shows you that it’s never too late to begin taking better care of yourself.


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