Monday, June 6, 2011

Don’t Just Live Life; Be A Part Of It!

The importance of continued socializing over 50 cannot be underestimated. Interacting with others is vital to your mental and emotional health. It can also be a whole lot of fun. What follows is some info to help you live a more satisfying social life as a Boomer!.

It’s all about helping you become more involved in life rather than sitting on the couch watching the world go by.

Continued socialization not only keeps your mind active, but it also helps you manage stress. We’re not talking about throwing a big party every weekend. We mean getting out of the house, meeting old friends and new people on a regular basis. Too many seniors fall into serious depression because they have no one to talk to, participate in activities with or share their lives with.

Being socially active also encourages you to take better care of yourself – making sure you bathe, practice oral hygiene and get dressed up once in a while. If you know company is coming, you are much more likely to tidy up the house and perhaps even cook or bake something special as well!

Often when we get older, we develop a sedentary lifestyle where we spend the majority of our spare time in solitary pursuits such as reading, playing computer games or watching television. For some people, the only time they get out is on special occasions when they visit with family and friends. It doesn’t have to be that way. There are many groups, activities and clubs that will welcome you and where you can be an actual part of life instead of sitting on the sidelines.

If you have an affiliation with a particular local church, you can get involved in their social activities. There are also senior’s clubs that hold card nights and/or dances. Most communities have one or more of these clubs. If you don’t feel comfortable with that idea, call your friends and get together one night a week, meet for lunch, take a nature walk, visit the local art gallery, enjoy a live theatre show or see a movie. Often families forget that getting together should be more than meeting for special occasions. You can do any of the above things with them too!

You might also consider taking up a hobby that will get you out and meeting people, such as golf, swimming or astronomy. You could also join a fitness club, take a class, learn to dance, join a choir, volunteer or even get a part-time job. If you find yourself over 50 and alone, you might also consider an over 50 singles group. Many of these hold such activities as dancing, card nights, picnics and general chats. As well, you could look into activities offered through libraries and local community centers. Any one of these things will give you a change of pace, help you meet others and provide you with a more optimistic outlook on life.

Of course, not all of your social interactions have to be active. This is most important for those with disabilities or other limitations to know. However, it is still necessary for you to feel social in some way, so why not just invite friends over for tea and a chat once a week. Even this small effort on your part will not just give you something to look forward to, but make all the difference as to how you view your world.

”And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”
Abraham Lincoln

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