Sunday, August 9, 2009

Find Your Creativity Niche
& Enjoy Your Latter Years!


Being creative is not something that just happens, unless you already have a particular talent that you would like to explore. The first step is to get out of that easy chair! The next is to find inspiration by reviewing your options and looking into those that interest you in more detail.

There are many options to choose from, including art, which takes in charcoal drawing, sketching, oil painting, installation art, sculpture and more. If any of these artistic endeavors appeal to you but you have no particular skills, check out the local art programs available in your community. Colleges, art institutions and even some art galleries offer programs in art.


Do you like music? Perhaps you’d like to learn how to write songs. Maybe, joining a local choral group would be a better fit or learning to play the piano. You could also collect and listen to the tunes you love the most, which should bring you many happy hours. Instead of buying all kinds of CDs, you can borrow from family and friends, and then load them into the media player on your computer. Of course, you can also download music, but be aware that this practice is frowned upon, since you are stealing copyrighted material.

Another option is crafting and there is an endless list of things you might consider, including scrap booking, beading, candle making, ceramics, etching, stained glass, leatherworking, macramé, needlecraft, knitting, egg art, fabric painting, paper machete, doll making, soap making, weaving, crocheting, rubber stamping, pottery, basket weaving and woodworking. Again, courses may be available in your area. If not, the Internet can be a valuable source of information. Do your homework first and you’re bound to enjoy your craft so much more. You might also want to try airplane modeling, cabinet refinishing or furniture restoring.


Though you might find yourself in the kitchen cooking every day, you can also turn this activity into an interesting endeavor. Consider taking up cooking as a hobby, so you can try new recipes. You don’t have to become a skilled chef to learn how to create new dishes that your entire family can enjoy. Have you ever tried Thai food? How about Japanese sushi, homemade pizza, Caribbean Adobo, Chinese lemon chicken, Greek baklava, French Cassoulet, Indian Gee, Irish cabbage and bacon pie, Italian chicken parmesan or Polish pierogis?

Photography is another option and today, all you need is a good digital camera that you can also hook up to your computer with a USB cable so you can transfer the pictures into your photo album. You might also want to have a special “camera dock” for this process. Once your photos are on your computer, you can share them on line or if you have a printer, you can make copies for family and friends.

Those who enjoy the old fashioned way to take pictures will need to purchase the right equipment, including a camera with at least a 50mm lens and flash. You might also want to get a tripod, wide-angle lens, zoom lens, camera bag and an assortment of additional products. If you know nothing about taking pictures properly, research the subject beforehand and make sure you read any users manuals that come with your equipment as well. For those who truly love photography, it is easy to set up your own developing center in a darkroom or basement area. Of course to do this, you will need special equipment for that too but once you have it, you can spend many hours coming up with your own unique creations.

If you are the more active type, you might want to consider an activity that lets you stretch you physical muscles a bit, such as cycling, dancing, golfing, belly dancing or tennis. You may be over 50, but if you’re still in good shape physically, there is no reason why you cannot get involved in one of these activities. They will also get you out of the house and meeting new people.


Have you ever considered writing your autobiography or just creating a personal memory book? You could write articles, children’s books or poetry. The great thing about writing is that if you enjoy it, you might also be able to make some money freelancing. Starting out might be a bit difficult, but if you are an avid reader, you will probably like it. The best way to get started is to join a local writing group where you can share your work and get valuable feedback. Of course, you can also go to Aging With Creativity’s own site: Boomers Write for lots of tips and tricks to inspire the imagination.

Those who like fashion might want to explore tie dying T-shirts, cutting out patterns and sewing up new outfits, learning how to add rhinestones to clothing and overall, simply coming up with your own creations.


Astronomy is another interesting area that you might want to consider. Most communities have at least one astronomy group (either private or through a college) that meets on a regular basis to view the starry nights. You could also read up on astronomy, so you know what to look for when you go out with the group, including constellations, planets and more.

If you’re more the sedentary type but still like to have fun, why not consider having a social night once a week or once a month with family and friends where you get together to play board games or cards. If you enjoy playing games, get yourself an X-Box or join an online community where you can play a whole host of different games. Aging With Creativity will soon have its own “Games” site, so be sure to check back on this site in the future.

A new area that is becoming all the rage on the Internet is videos. We all know how successful YouTube has become in a very short period of time. In keeping with that emerging trend, Aging With Creativity will be providing you with a new site where you can view, upload, download and share your own videos. There will also be plenty of advice on the equipment you will need and how to transfer your videos to the web. We’ll keep you posted!

Don’t ever let age get you down. You have plenty of life left in you, so make the most of it! When it comes to any creative pursuit, sharing an activity with your partner or friend can bring many hours of joy. However, there are still plenty of things you can do on your own to make living over 50 the happiest years of your life!


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Dianne G. Sagan said...

Bravo! I come from a family with longevity and they were all active until shortly before they passed away. I'm glad you're sharing ways to do things and suggestions of what to try for people who aren't sure where to go and get bored or feel depressed at getting older. Staying active mentally and physically can make a big difference and of course "a good positive attitude" will get you farther down the road. I really enjoyed visiting your blog. I'll be back, I'm sure.