Sunday, August 9, 2009

Finding Your Own Spirituality


Your Core Beliefs Determine Your Spirituality

Every one of us is influenced by several primary factors during our lives that determine our core beliefs as adults. From family and friends to the various institutions such as schools and churches that we come into contact with, we develop our own understanding of the world and our place within it. We also develop core beliefs about life, death, God, the universe and so on. For this reason, there are likely as many personal beliefs as there are people. These are beliefs that have been instilled in you since your early years and they are not easily changed.

HERE is an interesting video on how our beliefs have become instilled throughout history. Hopefully, you will find this very illuminating.
Your core beliefs can change drastically during your life. A serious situation can arise at any time, which demands that you re-evaluate those beliefs. For example, if you lose a child, you would most certainly be devastated, but such a terrible event would most likely cause you to re-think your beliefs on death. Is there a God, did angels come to greet your child or is he or she just gone forever? A death in the family is by far the biggest factor that determines whether your core beliefs will stay the same or change in some way. Another reason you might change your views is if you are in a life-threatening situation yourself, such as a car accident. Some people even have a near death experience that completely alters their beliefs.

”All personal breakthroughs begin with a change in beliefs.”

Anthony Robbins

Obviously, death is not a welcoming topic but it is vital to this discussion. How one feels about death determines to a great extent how one lives their life. If you believe death is the end, with no consequences for your actions, you will likely take more risks when it comes to your thoughts, words and actions. However, if you believe there is a God, almighty presence, universal energy with action and reaction results or something similar, you will take much more care with how you act and treat others. This option means you have chosen to live spiritually. It doesn’t really matter if you are Christian, Catholic, Anglican, Buddhist, Hindu, Sunni, Jewish or whatever. What is important is what you believe is the “right” way to live and treat others.
For a more comforting video, please enjoy This One by John Lennon:


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annaken said...

Hi Martha,

Having had a near death experience and then years later, actually dying, I agree with you that such experiences definitely change one's outlook on life.